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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Trinket # 28 and # 29

Well, needless to say, it's been a very busy past few days.  But of course I have still had ideas in my head to work with, so I still march on with the challenge.  I'm still loving it of course.

So, Trinket # 28 (protection bags), is going to be used for the cleansing of a house.  I did quite a bit of research in old books and on the internet, talked to some people that have cleansed houses before (just so you know, this house is very active with more than one spirit, some are just playful but one isn't quite that nice) and this is a combination of herbs, woods (bark), stones, colors and names hand written inside, that will help with not only protection, but helping to ward off spirits that are unwanted in this resident. 

While hand sewing these little pouches of harmony, I said, a prayer as such instilling peace and comfort into every stitch.  I took my time making them, and will have the minister(s) that will also be attending this cleansing to bless them.  There is no harm in taking that which is natural (as in mother earth, mother nature, the earth, the intentions, the love, the power of unity) and making it into something amazing and powerful.

Believe it or not they smell amazing and earthy, they are small enough to carry in a pocket and they will help to protect anyone that needs them (with the correct name written into them). I actually love them, and will be making my own for strength, happiness, contentment, courage, clarity and intuition.

Trinket # 29

This next one, I've seen quite a few times.  It's something that I made for my mother (because of her love for birds and nests).  I have never attempted one before, so I sat down and just worked with it. I'm very pleased how it turned out, and I can't wait to give it to her.  So, for today's trinket (eggs in nest necklace) I used fresh water pearls, and a chain with a heart finish clasp/bar. I'm actually very pleased on how this turned out as well.

I call this one "New Beginnings".

A New Moo


  1. I will be back soon, C, promise! *hugs* I have to get rid of the manipulators and dark figures behind the scenes trying to influence my friendships. *HUGS*